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Kingdom - About The Collection

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We’re so glad to have this collection available on our shop! It’s been a fun and challenging time getting this micro-collection through fruition. We weren’t sure if we wanted to do one or two dresses or go for a full micro-collection, but we were approached again to be a part of the local Fade To Light Runway Show in May and agreed to it! This cemented us into a putting together the micro-collection with around five or six pieces.

Our theme and trend focus for this one really started a year ago; it was part of a micro-collection that never came to see the light of day. We often have a few ideas during each collections concepting period and have to leverage pieces mostly based around fabric/pattern/color availability. We were really excited to work on this one and going pretty deep with the trend elements.

Kingdom started out focusing very heavily on faux fur coats and cloaks using dark blue and green velvets. I took these ideas and molded them into dresses, a skirt and a romper; making them more approachable and to de-stress some of the trend so they will last for years.

Adelheid Bergin - 2016 A/W - Kingdom - Blog Post - Image 01

Each micro-collection has two special garments; one titled the same as the micro-collection and the other our most basic piece. The micro-collection titled one--the Kingdom Dress--was the staple piece for this release, or so I thought! It seems most people adored the Crown Wrap dress with the green velvet and gold/black brocade. I designed this piece based off the Crown Wrap in graphite color and really only intended to use it for the runway. After getting such positive feedback on it, we tried to have it available on the shop, but the brocade was no longer available; one of the downsides of how we run our business.

Our other special garment was our Dirndl Skirt. We try to have one garment that’s very basic in its construction and appearance, allowing it to be priced pretty low. We do this to create an entry piece for those unsure about the brand and not wanting to be too trendy. It helps create a good value for the customer and shows them unique, one-of-a-kind handmade is within everyone's reach.



I was super excited about this collection once I saw the moodboard and the color swatches. There was something deep but serene about it; all the snowy/forest imagery in the moodboard really pulled forward a pensive, yet cerebral feel. I’m generally not too into dark, deep colors, but for this collection, they just felt so right.

Since we had concepts for this micro-collection already planned a year sooner, I had stuff already in mind; especially the name branding. My approach originally was to use a horizontal rectangle containing the words and having the words knocked-out so you would see the landscape inside the stroke of the letters. As with anything design related, you shouldn't get stuck on one idea before trying out a few more. This original idea did not read very well and didn't get the story of the season through very well. It took a handful of attempts, but I eventually fell on something that I felt expressed the grandeur of this micro-collection.


Each season we try to go a step further and do something new. This season we invested in a good DSLR and some studio photography equipment so we could handle product photography out of our home design studio going forward. Having gone to design school, I regret never taking photography as an elective, so I’m finally getting the chance to learn now with something so fun!

Working on the editorial shoot was a blast! I had the chance to really work with the camera, models and lighting. Most of the shots I took had small issues with them, but a few turned out real good. It’s really difficult trying to keep everything in order when your shooting and having additional hands is definitely nice to have. We brought Chia along for the shoot, but she wasn't too helpful; mostly napped and sat in her little carrier.

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